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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do you install a tracker?

The Viper 1 has been designed for eazy installation that you can eazily do your self if you are mechanicly minded.

If you are installing into a trailer or Caravan you must ensure that the tracker is placed in a consealed place so that any would be theif cannot see that you have a tracker.

To install just connect the individual coloured wires on the tracker to the same coloured wires on your Trailer or Caravan, most important is the white wire, this is the earth and must be connected to the chassis of your Trailer.

To install the Viper 1 into a powered vehicle join all  wires together ( Red, Green, Yellow and Brown ) with the exception of the White wire ( earth )attach to the ignition wiring via the 10amp fuse.

Viper 2 this unit has all the bells and whistles and fitting by qualified electricians is strongly recommended.


The GPS and GPRS arials must not be covered by metal ( Glass, Plastic or Fibreglass is acceptable ) and must face upward and have  clear visability to the sky for satellite reception

Q: Tracker stopped recording

There are many reasons that your tracker may have stopped working. Firstly check that your account is up to date and paid. Often when your account goes over the alloted payment period the system will automotically freese your ability to track your asset until a payment is made and your account bought into line.

Another reason could be that you have accidently deleted the tracker from the system or your administrator may have frozen or disabled your tracker. Check with your adminitrator first. If you still cannot solve the issue then call us on 1300 779762

Q: My tracker is not showing

If your tracker is not showing then this could be becuase you have had your tracker disabled. Please contact your administrator to find out what the situation is first. If the administrator has not released the asset tracking module then call us on 1300 779762 and we will be happy to recitfy the situation immediately.

Q: Tracker is stationary? Almost stuck?

If your tracker is stationary it is more than likely becuase you have an old version of your brower or that your system does not allow the playing of flash objects. In each of these cases upgrade your core browser system and you will find things begin to show mapping and routes again.

Q: if I purchase a tracker from one of your stockists do I have to install straight away.

No you dont, there is no time limit at all until you register on our Web Site, once you have installed and registed on our web site  the tracker will automatically start tracking.

Q: Can you see a tracker when its installed?

 A Professional installer will ensure the tracker can not been seen.


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